Import and Export
Commerce solutions works for presenting suitable products to customers in foreign market by getting the distributor with expert staff.
In line with future demands of you, it follows sales and after sales processes of all the right products by providing interviews with the most appropriate firms and speeds up your trade.
Consultancy Services
Your office in South Korea
As, our company also provides consulting services to you in relation with your industry.
We are close to you as a phone in your commercial trips, meetings, accommodations and business trips to Korea.
Market Research
Wide market network
Factors affecting consumer lifestyle choices in Korea, analysis of industry and market data directly affect the success of your business on imports from Korea and exports to there.
Our market research service offers reports to your company containing all the information related to the Korean business world.
Strategic Partnership
Reliable and experienced staff
As a representative of our company in Korea, we are at your service with our reliable and experienced staff that you can develop partnerships. If you think about long-term partnerships with Korean firms that you are already working or will work in the future, you should take advantages of the solutions we offer.

Ürün Siparişi

Beğendiğiniz bir ürünümüz ile ilgili teklif almak veya ürün detaylarını öğrenmek için ürün sipariş formumuzu kullanabilirsiniz.