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Know Us Well

B2BKOREA is one of the most prestigious foreign and import-export company in South Korea, serving for International and Korean market. Besides products of which we are the distributor, we provide market research, consulting and exhibition services to our esteemed customers.

It always aims to be the leading company in the market among the companies importing Korean products to international market by presenting products of premium segment, which is produced by South Korea Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to our international customers with the means of

B2BKOREA is an eco-system that was established to bring Korean products to international customers in the easiest and most convenient way.

Our vision is to offer an excellent service to our valuable customers by expanding our system day by day.

For us, our customers and employees always have priority over every issue. Our core values are to follow the latest technology products in Korean market and provide you with the most attractive price advantages, inspired by our employees’ consumer behaviours.

Reliable and fast solutions
A new and different system
Our employees, who provide services in South Korea and other countries concurrently, are at your service at any time of the day. To solve concerns as you buy a new product, audio and visual materials of products to be imported have been prepared in your country.
Professional and experienced team
12 years experience
B2BKorea boasts a staff of South Korea and other countries who are experts in their specialities. It has been providing the best service since 2005 by creating a bridge to Korea.
Unique in the South Korean market
Innovative products
B2BKorea project of which Headquarters is located in South Korea and is fully established with 100% foreign capital allows innovative products in the Korean market meet with foreign consumers. You can reach the products we have the distributor through our Istanbul office or website.