SURIAN-Wrist Massage Band

– Cord-free heat vibration wrist band
– A wrist support for contemporary people who are tired from digital office work
– A heat massage given to a wrist tired from domestic chores
– Piquant vibration massage after an exercise
– A filial duty-wrist band for the elderly who suffer a sharp pain all the time



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Additional Information
  • Today, one of people’s biggest problem is pain arising from the use of computers for a long time.

    Pain arising from the presence of long wrist strenuous activity in the home.

    Surian is the most effective solution for elimination of pain that occurs after a workout .

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  • Model

    Surian Fit ( Normal )

    Heat and Vibration

    Selectively ( Heat or Vibration )


    Lityum-ion polymer (680mmAh)

    Heating Film

    Thin surface heating film


    14mm coin motor

    Charging Hours

    2 hours


    Neopren / ABS frame


    48 Gram