WOWCUP-One Second Sanitizer

A first step for perfect sterilization.

Experience the amazing effect of sterilization with WOWCUP – One Second Sanitizer

A compact size, neat design, powerful steam sanitizer.



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  • WOWCUP One Second Sanitizer

    The product can sterilize only 1 second kitchen utensils and kitchenware such as dishcloth,
    chopping boards, and kitchen knives and household items using at home.

    Putting on a table or kitchen counter it can often sterilize
    the kitchen utensils or kitchenware that is able to be contaminated with germs at room temperature under cooking.
    [data from Ministry of Food and Drug safety in Korea: food-poising germs exposed to room temperature
    reproduce by dichotomous way, and up to a million times in 6 hours]

    Dishcloth, kitchen utensils, baby bottles, and baby products can be contaminated
    with germs at room temperature if they are not used right away after being boiled.
    WOWCUP can be frequently used to sanitize them because it is possible to do by only 1 second..

    This is a steam sanitizer that can quickly get rid of the germs living at room temperature.
    All things that people use in their kitchens or homes should be cleanly handled because they are able to be easily infected by germs.
    Especially, WOWCUP can prevent or minimize the bacterial infection causing food poising
    such as novel influenza, colon bacillus, and salmonella in advance since it can frequently sanitize
    the baby products for toddlers with weak immunity.

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