Hyundai-Air Type Chiller

Air temperature can be freely controlled from 4℃~90℃ and continuous operation is possible.

Consumables are not needed and operating cost is low.

Condensed liquid is automatically discharged through auto-drain.

Precise temperature control(△T±0.2℃~0.5℃ for compressed air)

Applicable machines : Extruding sheet machine, Inflation film machine, Precision machine, Food machine, Medical instrument and various air compressors

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  • Hyundai Industrial Air Chiller Systems

    We provide you with Hyundai air chiller systems which is the best in the market. With 30 years of experience, Hyundai air chiller systems are a proven brand in the Russian and American market. Now you have access to the Hyundai industrial air chiller systems with our amazing offers. We offer a cooling system air cooling system most suitable for the medical sector. It based on your location and can be produced on demand using a criteria.

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