Cell Story-Meso Therapy Care Products

It is a skin meso therapy care method that is suitable for beauty centres, implemented in eight steps.

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  • The CELL STORY is a safe and effective professional line for which customers can expect the best anti-aging effects whth the “CELLPLANT Meso-care” product, a micro needle Micro-Spear cell regeneration.

    “CELLPLANT Meso-care” has a full skin-care line, from cleanser to mask pack. CELL STORY kit box comprises of 8 different products, each with its own specific usage.

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    • Includes 21 different types of amino acids
    • It does not contain any synthetic fragrances
    • Sterilized with 100% Gamma ray
    • Do not contain any cosmetics additional preservatives ( Paraben, Phenoxyethanol etc. )
    • Natural ingredients are used in the standards set by EWG. ( Green Level 1-2 )
    • PH value of all products is pH07± 0.5 (excluding 5. Step)
    • Olive oil based emulsion was used instead of chemical emulsion
    • SH and RH Oligopeptit content has epidermal effect. It helps the healing of wounds on the skin. It increases insulin secretion required for development of skin cells
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